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United States Equestrian

Thank you for stopping by the United States equestrian section of our website. Listed below you will find equestrian vacations United States. These rides span the country, ranging from fox hunts in Tennessee to countryside rides in Vermont. Once you embark on one of these magical United States equestrian adventures, we promise you’ll race back to tell everyone you know. Just try to picture the views you’ll see from canyons and open countrysides while you ride horseback atop one of nature’s most beautiful creatures.

The equestrian vacations United States listed below are categorized by skill level. You will find United States equestrian tours that are suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders. You can click on a ride to view a more detailed listing. If you have any questions about our tours, please feel free to contact our experts.

We also encourage you to check us out on YouTube for a fun visual taste of what our horseback tours have to offer. You can also sign up for our 10 Critical Equestrian Travel Tips to get informed before you embark on your adventure!

Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


UNITED STATES – Stationary – California Dreamin’ Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“You really know how to plan a 5-star vacation from beginning to end: the horses… the trails… the weather (how’d you do that?!)… the Inns… the food… the entertainment (WOW!)… all were exceptional.” S.K & D. K. New York


UNITED STATES – Stationary – Wyoming Hideout Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“Even though the lodging reflects Old West charm, the meals, the personalized attention, and the wonderful after dinner conversations are first-rate! We had no expectations before we got here. What a wonderful opportunity to revisit the life of those of the Old West by day and relax at night in 21st century luxury!!…”


UNITED STATES – Utah – Inn to Inn – Land of the Sleeping Rainbow Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


UNITED STATES – Vermont – Stationary – Sugarbush Countryside Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate
“Visitors feel they’ve discovered a best-kept secret, and then race home to tell everyone they know!” S.R.


UNITED STATES – New York – Horsemanship Holiday – Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage and Jumping

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“I have improved more that I did for the last two years of my usual riding… For those who want to learn in a friendly and serious climate …I strongly recommend Cedar Crest. The only thing you may have to dread is the addiction it will create in your life, once you will feel all the discoveries you can make in this unique atmosphere, I know I will be back.” P.B. France


UNITED STATES – Tennessee – Fox Hunt

Riding Level: advanced
“God made this place perfect and you, the whole staff improved upon it”


UNITED STATES – Tennessee – Stationary – Cross Country Jumping in the Great Smoky Mountains

Riding Level: advanced
“God made this place perfect and you, the whole staff improved upon it”


UNITED STATES – Tennessee – Stationary – Great Smokey Mountain Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate
“God made this place perfect and you, the whole staff improved upon it”


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