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Horseback Riding Ireland

From castle rides, to equestrian resorts, few things in life are more breathtaking than horseback riding Ireland. From Dublin horseback riding, to castle rides and fox hunts, we offer many options for those wanting to embark on a horse riding adventure in the Emerald Isle. We even feature special events, such as the Royal Dublin Horse show — perfect for those wanting to witness a fantastic spectacle along with their Dublin horseback riding. Regardless of your level of riding experience, you’ll be sure to find a suitable tour for you. Simply look at our colored icons, which indicate Novice, Intermediate and Advanced rides. Many of the options featured here include award winning hotels and trails, so regardless of type of equestrian Ireland vacation you choose, you’re guaranteed the best possible experience for horseback riding Ireland.

Want to learn more about each option for horseback riding Ireland? Be sure to click on the link for the ride that interests you for more information. We also highly recommend that you sign up for our 10 Critical Equestrian Travel Tips brochure, a free special report that you don’t want to do without! When you’ve found a ride that interests you, be sure and call us at 1-888-494-9636 or fill out our Ride Inquiry Form to get started. Our skilled consultants have the right experience with Dublin horseback riding to help you find the perfect ride.

Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


Dream Vacations – Horseback Riding Through Ireland

Visiting Ireland is a dream that is made even better when on horseback. When you set foot into Ireland, what better way to see the intimate landscapes and historical sights than how they did in the past? Through horseback riding, you can become one with Ireland and experience the country as you never would be […]


IRELAND – County Limerick, Clare and Galway – Fox Hunting and More

Riding Level: advanced
“Yes! There is genteel and 2nd flight foxhunting in Ireland! For those who prefer the famous “hell for leather riding”, the traditional hunt is also available.”


IRELAND – Equestrian Resorts – Castle Leslie

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“One of Ireland’s finest equestrian playgrounds, voted 2006 Best Country House by Hotel and Catering Review.”


IRELAND – Equestrian Resorts – Mount Juliet

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“Winner of the 2007 Georgina Campbell hotel of the year”
“Their trails were absolutely beautiful and the footing on their galloping paths was amazing. I’ve never ridden on that kind of footing before and you felt that those horses could have galloped forever! It was truly an equestrian’s paradise! I look forward to going back!” S.Q., N. Carolina


IRELAND – Horsemanship Holiday – Hunt seat, cross country jumping lessons and trail rides in County Limerick

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“If you are looking for a Superb Equestrian Holiday, riding English Style, then you have come to the right place.” V.A.


IRELAND – Inn-to-Inn – Connemara Coastal Trail

Riding Level: advanced


IRELAND – Inn-to-Inn – Gaelic Trails to the Cliffs of Moher Ride

Riding Level: intermediate
“Is there no place in the world I can get some peace and quiet? YES!! From the enchanted beauty of the countryside to the energetic and fun loving guides to the great food and comfortable living quarters, I can not pick one thing I loved the best about my stay. Put this trip on your “bucket list” if you have any spirit of renaissance and love for the planet earth!” Laura
“Cantering on the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean and the cliffs. Amazing!” L.M. USA 5/14/2013
“The entire experience met or surpassed our expectations! We could not have had a better time!” D.S. USA 4/2014


IRELAND – Inn-to-Inn – The Celtic Ring of Kerry Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“The three-mile gallop on Rossbeigh Beach came the third morning, out-stripping all the glories of the previous two days. Roaring into free flight for the first time like that – my world encased in the sound of rushing wind and four hooves pounding through tide-swept sand – goes beyond fantasy, affecting a dozen more senses in the body than the five that science knows about.” N.Y. Newsday


IRELAND – Inn-to-Inn – The Connemara Backcountry Ride

Riding Level: advanced
“We had an amazing time! You certainly get what you paid for! We rode for 115 miles! …Food is great too! ” S.A. Texas


IRELAND – Rent A Castle – Loughrae Castle Ride

Riding Level: intermediate


IRELAND – Ride and Golf – Celtic Ring of Kerry Ride and Golf

Riding Level: Novice intermediate


IRELAND – Special Event – Ballinasloe Horse Fair Ride

Riding Level: intermediate


IRELAND – Special Event – Fox Hunt in Ireland

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


IRELAND – Special Event – Royal Dublin Horse Show and Dublin Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced


IRELAND – Stationary (Progressive) – Markree Castle Coast Trail

Riding Level: intermediate
You will explore the unspoiled coastline, deserted islands and forested mountains of beautiful Western Ireland… A 4* B & B and the Markree Castle will provide comfortable lodging rooms at the end of your memorable days.


IRELAND – Stationary – Fox Hunting

Riding Level: advanced
“I have gained a deep respect for the brave bold Irish horse and the wonderful people who train them. We all came back better riders and have a deeper appreciation of this great sport.” PB


IRELAND – Stationary – “Cubbing” Hunt in Limerick

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


IRELAND – Stationary Ride – Irish Castles and Ancient Ruins Ride

Riding Level: intermediate
“The horses, the food, the people and especially the gorgeous countryside were all magical!” V.S.


IRELAND – Horsemanship Holiday – Dublin Horsemanship and Trail Riding

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“…what makes it special for me is the friendliness of the staff and the teachers,…for a bit of excitement their cross-country course is hard to beat. I think that all round, this is one of the best schools presently available.” VIP Magazine – Best of Ireland – Best Riding School


IRELAND – Ride & Golf – Mount Juliet Equestrian Resort

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced


IRELAND – Special Event – Horsemanship Holiday – The Royal Dublin Horse Show and Castle Leslie Sport Horse Riding

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced


IRELAND – Stationary – Private Ride in Celtic Western Ireland

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
A unique opportunity to experience western Ireland with renowned Irish horseman, Aidan O’Connell.


IRELAND – Stationary Ride – Aille Cross Country Jumping Ride

Riding Level: advanced
“I have gained a deep respect for the brave bold Irish horse and the wonderful people who train them. We all came back better riders and have a deeper appreciation of this great sport.” PB


IRELAND – Stationary – Peaceful Loughrea Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“…How can I tell how spiritual and enriching it was to ride on a horse through your magical forest, to go into the woods and smell the delightful moss, to come back to your “Antonio’s house” where everyone is welcome and where I felt so contained and safe and accepted… and ate the most delicious food… yummie!!!!” 


What’s the Best Time of Year to Go Horseback Riding Through Ireland?

If you’re planning on exploring Ireland on horseback, you’ll need to time your trip just right. Not only do you need to consider the weather, but also your own personal preference. If you wish to avoid crowds, you’ll need to travel during the shoulder-season. If crowds don’t bother you, traveling during the peak holiday months […]


Why Horseback Riding Through Ireland is a Perfect Equestrian Vacation for Anyone

The serene landscapes of Ireland provide a quiet atmosphere filled with green rolling countryside as far as the eye can see and the friendliest people on earth. When choosing to go on an equestrian vacation, you will find that Ireland offers the utmost in fun and entertainment as well as potential for uninterrupted riding. Unique […]


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