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Germany Equestrian

Complete rides and tour info below.

Embark on unforgettable horseback riding vacations in Germany, land of sport, poets and thinkers. We offer several options for Germany equestrian tours: You can ride along the Bavarian Alps, have a foxhunt in Hamburg, or see the castles, palaces and ruins of the Black Forest.

Regardless of which Germany equestrian adventure you embark on, we promise it will make for a special memory you will always cherish.

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Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


GERMANY – Coaching – Inn-to-Inn – King Ludwig Drive

“The trip was spectacular. We enjoyed our fellow travelers. I can’t say enough about the scenery, the roads, the farms, the meals, the villages, the mountains, the roads, the coachman, and most of all the horses. The journey more than exceeded my expectations. You really opened my eyes as to where you can go and what you can do with a coach.” E.J. U.S.


GERMANY – Horsemanship Holiday – Bavarian Carriage Pair Driving Courses

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“Imagine learning or improving your driving ability with pairs surrounded by the breathtaking Bavarian Alps and picturesque villages…”


Germany – Horsemanship Holiday – Cross Country Jumping and Dressage in the Black Forest

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced“I had a wonderful time. I loved the castle — rustic but very well made…never seen so many high-quality horses in one location. The food was excellent; four stars in my opinion. Fritz’s instruction was incredible During the cross country lessons, we got to gallop and jump obstacles non-stop for the entire class period. I am definitely going back in the spring.” S.K., Virginia


GERMANY – Inn to Inn – The Castles of the Black Forest Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


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