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England Horse Riding

Complete rides and tour info below.

An exciting England horse riding holiday in the UK can lift the spirits and translate to an experience you’ll never forget. From equestrian cruises to fox hunting, you’ll find only the best riding vacations here at Highpointe International Equestrian Tours.

Horse Riding Holidays UK
When searching for an horse riding holidays in the UK, you will see that below each horse riding tour is color coded to denote the recommended amount of experience you should. If you’re not sure what each color signifies, simply view the color key above our selection of tours or hover your mouse over the colored icon, and a popup window will appear that will help you out.

We’re always updating our list of rides, so be sure and check back here to see the latest horse riding holidays UK or visit our new rides section.

To learn more about the available options for horseback vacations in England, be sure and contact us by phone or email. You can also sign up to receive your 10 Critical Equestrian Travel Tips by filling out the form on the upper-left hand side of this page.

Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


ENGLAND – Fox Hunt – Drag Fox Hunt in Northhampton

Riding Level: advanced


ENGLAND – Horsemanship Holiday – Dressage/Eventing Lessons in Gloucestershire

“Talland is like a big family where everyone is included to be part of… the trainers are amazing….in riding as in the horse health and cares, trust me I will choose Talland again. ” G.S. Mexico
Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“Actually I’m in love with the place, I have improved a lot even more that what I expect, really its a great experience.” G.S. Mexico


ENGLAND – Horsemanship Holiday – Side Saddle Lessons in Gloucestershire

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
Where better to learn or improve the art of riding side saddle than in England?


ENGLAND – Inn to Inn – Cotswold Country Estates Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“Everything was to perfection…horses exceptionally well behaved…all the food was outstanding…the accommodations were fabulous! R.W. U.S. May 20th-24th, 2013


ENGLAND – Inn to Inn – Heart of England Estate Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


ENGLAND – Inn to Inn – Three Counties Estate Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“To see England properly, I recommend viewing it from the saddle, for the smell and creaking of leather and the company of a horse give it an atmosphere imaginative people can today only find in old novels.” A. F. Tschiffely, Bridlepaths 1935


ENGLAND – Special Event – Badminton Horse Trials and Ride

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced


ENGLAND – Stationary – Dartmoor Ride

“I dare not move a muscle. My new friend’s nostrils flare wide open and within seconds he is galloping across the open moor leaving me to suck in the mouthfuls of cold air streaming between his ears. I’ve ridden horses since I was just six years old but, for the first time ever, here in the Dartmoor wilderness, I can truly understand the meaning of the phrase ‘in riding a horse we borrow freedom.” T.R. 2015

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


England – Stationary – Ride of the Aristocrats

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


ENGLAND – Stationary Ride – Exmoor Countryside Ride

Riding Level: intermediate
“I had a wonderful, excellent time. Riding in Exmoor is like nothing I have ever experienced in the US – you see amazing beauty, ride great, great horses; walk, trot, and canter through all of it with a really experienced guide…one of my best riding experiences/vacations ever!! The terrain was varied and gorgeous, sometimes we were on trails, sometimes not, we trotted and cantered over the moors in both sun and mist. We saw red deer and wild Exmoor ponies with their foals.” M.M. New Jersey


WALES – Inn -to-Inn – Across Wales Ride

Riding Level:intermediate advanced
“..great time in Wales! Dream horse, amazing scenery, great food and a warm and friendly family to go back to at the end of the day. What more could you ask for?” C.O.


WALES – Inn to Inn– King Offa’s Dyke Path Ride

Riding Level:intermediate
“..great time in Wales! Dream horse, amazing scenery, great food and a warm and friendly family to go back to at the end of the day. What more could you ask for?” C.O.


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