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Argentina is a land full of gorgeous, mountainous terrain. This makes it a perfect location to be explored on horseback! Imagine the beauty of the scenery combined with the beauty of the horse! Our experts are equipped to help you in finding the horseback vacations of your dreams! Get in touch now!

Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


Argentina – Adventure – The Inca Trail

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“The mountains and skies go on forever and so do the canters. At times it felt like we were riding on top of the world. The food was excellent as well as the well known Argentine wines.” L.F. U.S


ARGENTINA – Stationary – The Great Pampas Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“I will always remember our guide as being so friendly and warm. The ranch was like heaven, the food scrumptious. The weather was perfect.” M.L. USA


Argentina – Adventure – The Legendary Andes Crossing

Riding Level: advanced
“Sunsets around campfires. Crisp, mate tea mornings. And always, your horse, your guides and the ever-present spirits of the intrepid souls who proved this could be done” A.W. Alaska


Argentina – Adventure – Camping – The Patagonia Pioneers Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
“The stunning scenery aside, the memories instilled in me on this trip are those of a peaceful, pristine, untouched wilderness. Drinking water right out of the mountain fed streams, not seeing a soul for the entire trip. These simple pleasures would be my definition of Patagonia.” S. H. Canada


Argentina – Adventure – The Ceiling of the Americas Ride

Riding Level: advanced
“Everything was fantastic, the horses, the people and landscapes. All the staff made you feel very welcome and nothing was too much trouble.” S.B. Canada


ARGENTINA – Stationary – Working Estancia & Polo Experience

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
One of National Geographic Traveller magazine’s 2011 “Best Hotels of South America”
Sunday Times Travel Magazine 100 Best Hotels in the World


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