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Horse Safari Africa

Complete rides and tour info below.

High Pointe Tours’ horseback safari Africa offers an experience like nothing else. We offer nearly a dozen different rides to choose from, each offering a distinct slice of African adventure on horseback.

When you embark on an unforgettable horse safari in Africa, you will experience the breathtaking vistas and diverse wildlife of Botswana or relax in a family-owned lodge at the Limpopo River. Regardless of the ride you choose, our African equestrian vacations are an experience you will appreciate for a long time to come. Browse through our list of rides below. Each horse safari Africa offers a uniquely magical experience, but some are more suitable for advanced riders, while others have a great deal to offer both novice and expert riders alike.

To help you narrow down your ideal horse safari Africa, we’ve included handy color coded riding level ratings. If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about embarking on a horseback safari Africa, feel free to contact us, and one of our skilled consultants will be happy to help you.

Novice Intermediate Advanced
walk, trot, canter, flat terrain longer trots and canters, flat and hilly terrain gallop, possible option to jump flat, hilly mountainous terrain, narrow paths


AFRICA – Adventure – Botswana – The Tuli Safari

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


AFRICA – Adventure – Two Mashatus Ride

Riding Level: intermediate advanced
As this ride does not travel through a game reserve, you will experience the wildlife in its natural state without a border fence. Some riders have crossed the path of a herd of 100 elephants…


AFRICA – Lodge and Safari Tent – African Bush Luxury Lodge Ride

“Wow! A holiday of a life time. Amazing country to ride in, beautiful and wild wildlife to observe. Each camp was unique and special in its own way. The food was super and the horses and staff are worth their weight in gold and then some. Thank you to all who have made this experience a lifetime memory.” J.F. UK


AFRICA – South Africa – Stationary – Ant’s Lodge Safari Ride (Families Welcome!)

Riding Level: Novice intermediate
“From novice riders to keen canterers! What an amazing place. A fabulous location – a surprisingly amazing view, sumptuous surroundings, relaxed and friendly staff. Great food…The horses were fabulous and we felt at home in the saddle, viewing rhino, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, impala etc etc at a break-taking distance.” Aberdeen


AFRICA – Stationary – Mozambique Beach Safari

Riding Level: Novice intermediate advanced
“As I rode into the sea, a half-ton of horse and me started moving like a dolphin. It was wonderful. I laughed at the absurd joy of it – this was the ride/swim of a lifetime.” K.K. Writer for The Guardian


AFRICA – Stationary – Sosian Ride

Riding Level: Novice
Overlooked by the snow-capped Mount Kenya, the ranch abounds with wildlife and there are more than 250 species of birds.


AFRICA – Adventure – Greater Kruger Ride and Hike

Riding Level: intermediate advanced


AFRICA – Adventure – Masai Mara Blossom Ride

Riding Level: intermediate

“Walk on water” Staff, 5 Star food/Presentation, A guide who is a naturalist, who pays attention to all detail. A venue that allowed us to explore four different environments/animals. Loved meeting the school children.” N.W. USA


Experience a Dream African Beach Safari

Blue water. White sand beaches. Lush, green mangrove forests. There are few adventures more exciting than seeing Africa from atop a horse. Equestrian vacations in Africa, particularly a Mozambique beach safari, offers the chance to make memories to last a lifetime. Based at the luxurious Archipelago Beach Resort on the Vilanculos coast, the eight-day beach […]


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